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Why Us?

Improve your conversation in English !

One to One Training: We provide individual training designed to focus on areas needing training. Before beginning your course a trial class will be conducted for the student based on which the teacher will fill a training needs analysis form which gives you and your teacher a starting point on improvement areas.

Accessibility: You can now improve your English Conversation skills at your own convenience, as classes can be attended from anywhere and anytime.

Flexibility: Online English Guru enables the students to control their timings and attend Classes as per their interest and convenience.

Cost Effective & Non-Time Consuming: Our programs are reasonably priced and time saving. Our goal is to reduce the extra cost and unproductive time spent outside classrooms.

Instant Feedback:  Students at Online English Guru get instant feedback from the web English Teachers to enhance the learning process & overall experience for personality development.

Effective Learning: Online English Guru is more effective due to use of technology. The English learning sessions are online using Skype and these sessions are recorded and available online for reference. Our web English teachers are available anytime and respond to your queries quickly.