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Why Online Learning?

Online learning enables student-centered teaching approach. Every student has their own way of learning that works best for them. Some learn visually others do better when they "learn by doing."

The Course material is accessible 24x7 . and the students can watch and re-view videos of lectures, discussions, explanations and comments.

Online web English teachers come with practical knowledge and may be from any part of the world. This allows students to be exposed to knowledge that can’t be learned from books.

Our web English teachers are very friendly and approachable. Students can discuss openly with their teachers during class or via email, without waiting for office hours.

Because there are no geographic barriers to online English learning, students can find different knowledge that may not be available to them where they live or work.

We use Skype or WebEx to conduct our online classes, making learning as simple as a normal video chat.

No Sitting in a Classroom

Students will not have to attend classes in a classroom as the classes are conducted online. The study material will be sent to the student by email. Those working full time will save time and make scheduling events in life much easier. You won’t have to leave work early to go to a class or miss important family time.

Personalized Attention for All

Students who enroll for our online program will receive more personal attention from their teachers as compared to students in a traditional classroom. The online English classes are conducted in such a way that teacher and student have one on one correspondence via Skype or WebEx and through emails. This is the reason why your teacher would know more about you, you’re learning curve and requirements as compared to students they get to see three to four times a week.