One to One English Speaking Course

Our One-to-One English speaking course gives you instant results in improving your English speaking skills.

Effective, Fast, Focused, with higher speaking time and greater teacher-managed learning and discussion.

The whole course is designed, keeping the student and the improvement needed areas in mind. It will help you build strong, practical skills for confident communication.

Our team of experienced Native English teachers and Bilingual English teachers are committed to our students' academic success and personal well-being within a supportive, welcoming environment.

The benefits of taking a One-to-One English Speaking Course with Online English Guru:

• Speaking: You get a considerable amount of time to speak time with teachers, which helps in building and fluency.

• Vocabulary: Intensive study to activate key language for real-life situations

• Pronunciation: Learn the sounds and rhythms of English as it's really spoken

• Feedback: Immediate error correction and helpful detailed advice from teachers

• Materials: Based on our exclusive natural English course books and CDs

You'll study directly with your teacher, so you'll be speaking a lot more, getting much more feedback and correction on your writing and speaking.

The only way you can learn a language is by practicing to speak it and that’s what we focus on at Online English Guru.

Course Fee: Rs. 4950