One to Five English Speaking Course

One to Five English Speaking Course is where you meet and learn English with a group of five students who share similar goals.

These English classes are recommended for students who want to start from basic level of English training.

These classes are vibrant and interactive. Each discussion is led by one of our Native English speaking teachers or skilled bilingual English teachers. Because of the small group, you never have to worry about being lost in a crowd of more talkative students.

Our English Guru’s leads you and your classmates during the lesson, corrects your mistakes and offers detailed advice about how to improve. It's during these English classes that you get the best chance to practice listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

Being able to hear yourself speak in English, and communicating with others is crucial to rapid progress & confidence building.

This course is specially designed as an introduction to English and students will have a chance to learn basics of English and how to communicate in different daily life situations.

Course Fee: Rs. 3950